Creating a Cat-Friendly Home: Essential Design Tips from Furrther

Creating a Cat-Friendly Home: Essential Design Tips from Furrther

Welcome to another edition of the Furrther blog, where we delve into creating harmonious and stylish spaces that cater to both you and your feline companions. Today, we’re focusing on how to design a home that not only looks great but also provides for the well-being of your beloved cats. Designing a cat-friendly home is not just about adding a few pet accessories; it's about integrating your cat's needs into the very fabric of your home's design.

The Cat's Meow: Understanding Your Cat's Natural Behaviors and Needs

Cats are unique creatures with specific behaviors and needs that can significantly influence how they interact with their living environment. To create a truly cat-friendly home, it’s essential to understand these behaviors and incorporate elements that address them directly. Cats have a natural instinct to climb, scratch, and hide, which are all vital for their physical and mental health.

Climbing is a fundamental feline behavior. In the wild, cats use elevated spots for safety and to gain a better view of their surroundings. In a home setting, this can be mimicked by incorporating tall cat trees or shelving that allows your cat to explore and watch over their domain from on high. Not only does this satisfy their climbing instinct, but it also helps keep them active and entertained.

Scratching is another natural cat behavior. It helps them keep their claws sharp, mark their territory, and stretch their muscles. Providing various scratching posts and pads around your home, made from materials like sisal and jute, can prevent your furniture from becoming an unintended scratching spot and can also add a rustic or natural element to your décor.

Lastly, hiding is crucial for a cat's sense of security. Cats need cozy, enclosed spaces where they can retreat and relax. Integrating hideaways like modified cabinets, decorative crates, or even cat beds in secluded corners can help fulfill this need.

Integrating Pet-Friendly Design into Your Home

Creating a cat-friendly home is about more than just tossing in a few pet toys; it’s about integrating your furry friend’s needs into the very fabric of your home’s design., a dedicated provider of stylish and functional pet products, offers an array of items that not only ensure your cat's comfort but also enhance your home's decor.

Multi-Functional Furniture

One of the cornerstones of cat-friendly design is multi-functional furniture. Furrther’s Cat-Friendly Furniture collection includes pieces that double as play areas and rest spots. 

Artistic Scratchers

Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, and accommodating this need doesn’t have to compromise your home’s aesthetic. The Art Scratcher Collection from Furrther includes beautifully designed scratchers that can be integrated into your home as pieces of art. For instance, the Sisal Art Frame Scratcher for Cats is both a functional scratcher and a stunning wall frame, blending seamlessly with other home decor elements.

Creating Comfort Zones

Cats need their own spaces where they feel safe and comfortable. Designating specific areas for your cat to lounge, play, and sleep can greatly enhance their well-being. Furrther’s products, like the Natural Jute Round Area Rug, provide comfortable and attractive zones that cater to your cat's needs while still fitting in with your home’s style.

Incorporating Interactive Elements

Interactive toys are essential for a cat’s physical and mental stimulation. Placing items like the Interactive Japanese-style Catnip Fish Toy around your home encourages activity and play, keeping your cat healthy and entertained.

Choosing Durable and Safe Materials

When selecting furniture and toys for your home, it’s important to choose materials that are safe and durable. Furrther’s Natural Sisal Scratching Mat offers a robust and natural option that withstands the wear and tear of cat use without sacrificing style.

By following these design principles and incorporating products from Furrther, you can create a home environment that is both welcoming and stimulating for your cat, while also maintaining a sense of style and coherence with your overall home decor.

Design Elements Every Cat Lover Should Consider

Creating a cat-friendly home is about merging functionality with aesthetic appeal. Here’s how to do it:

Vertical Spaces and Layouts

Consider the vertical space in your home as potential real estate for your cat. Utilize vertical wall space by installing cat shelves, wall-mounted steps, or even full-height cat towers that blend with your room's décor. Position these elements so they provide a challenging activity for your cat, as well as a safe pathway to higher areas.

Scratching Posts and Materials

Scratching posts aren't just practical; they can be stylish too. Opt for posts made from natural materials like sisal, which is highly durable and provides the perfect texture for scratching. These posts can be standalone pieces that complement your furniture or integrated into other elements like side tables or storage units.

Cozy Resting Areas

Incorporate various types of resting areas in different parts of your home. Think beyond the typical cat bed. For instance, a window seat that includes a cushioned perch allows your cat to bask in the sun and watch birds, which provides mental stimulation and comfort.

Safety Considerations in a Cat-Friendly Design

Safety is paramount when designing a cat-friendly space. Ensure all structures are stable and can't tip over. Use non-toxic materials in your decorations and renovations to prevent any health hazards. Secure all windows with sturdy screens, and be mindful of house plants and other small objects that could pose a choking risk or toxicity threat.


Integrating cat-friendly design into your home doesn’t mean compromising on style. With thoughtful planning and creative solutions, you can create a living space that satisfies your aesthetic tastes and caters to your cat’s instincts. Embrace these ideas, and watch your cat enjoy a home that’s as comforting and inviting to them as it is to you.

Stay tuned to Furrther for more insights on living seamlessly with your pets, ensuring that every member of your household finds joy and comfort in your shared home space.

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