cat lying on couch looking cozy

Cat-Proof Your Rental Home: Top Tips for a Happy Feline and a Damage-Free Home

As a cat owner renting a new home, you might be worried about how your feline companion will adjust to their new surroundings. Fear not! With these top tips, you can keep your furry friend entertained and your home damage-free.

cat lying on couch looking cozy

Tip 1: Entertain your cat
Cats are natural explorers, so make sure to provide them with plenty of toys and scratching posts to keep them entertained and prevent them from wreaking havoc on your furniture. Trust us, a happy cat means a happy home!

Tip 2: Protect your furniture
We all know cats love to scratch, but don't let that lead to a scratched-up sofa. Invest in some scratching posts or pads to redirect their claws away from your precious belongings. You can even use double-sided tape or aluminum foil to deter them from scratching where they shouldn't.

cats sitting in front of an art scratcher frame

Tip 3: Trim those nails
Keeping your cat's nails trimmed will not only save your furniture but also prevent injuries to your furry friend. You can do it yourself or take them to a professional groomer - either way, they'll thank you for it.

Tip 4: Create a cozy space
Give your cat their own little corner of the world by setting up a cozy spot for them to call their own. Think cat bed, blanket, toys, and treats - the works! They'll feel safe and secure in their special space.

So, no worries -Ā renting a home with a cat can be a fun and stress-free experience with these tips. Keep your cat entertained, protect your furniture, trim those nails, and create a cozy space for them to relax in. With these simple steps, you and your furry friend can enjoy your new home together!
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