Scratch the Right Spot: A Guide to Introducing Your Cat to a Scratcher

Scratch the Right Spot: A Guide to Introducing Your Cat to a Scratcher

Welcome, fellow cat lovers! If you've ever found your beloved feline shredding your favorite furniture, fear not! We've got you covered with our guide on how to gently guide your cat to use a scratcher. Alrighty, let's dive right in!


Tip No. 1: The Art of Choosing the Right Scratcher
Before we embark on this paw-some journey, let's make sure we have the right tools! When selecting a scratcher, keep your cat's preferences in mind. Cats have different scratching preferences, so choose wisely from a variety of options on market. Experiment and see what makes your feline friend's tail wag with excitement! 

For more in-depth guidance on selecting the ideal scratcher for your cat, check out our handy post on "How to Choose the Ultimate Scratcher". It's chock-full of tips to help you choose the purrfect match!


Tip No. 2: Location, Location, Location!
Just like in the real estate world, location matters when it comes to scratchers. Cats often scratch to mark their territory, so place the scratcher in a central and accessible location. A living room or near their favorite snooze spot would be great choices. Make sure it's stable and won't wobble or slide when your cat gets their scratching groove on!

a cat scratching a Furrther scratcher in living room


Tip No. 3: The Art of Catnip Seduction
Ah, the magical allure of catnip! Sprinkle a little bit of this feline favorite on and around the scratcher to pique your cat's curiosity. Catnip can act like a siren's call, drawing them towards the scratcher. Before you know it, they'll be scratching to their heart's content!


Tip No. 4: Show, Don't Tell
Cats are curious creatures, and they learn by observation. Demonstrate the art of scratching to your feline friend. Gently take their paws and mimic the scratching motion on the scratcher. Encourage them with praise and treats when they show interest or attempt to scratch on their own. Remember, positive reinforcement goes a long way!


Tip No. 5: Pawsitive Reinforcement
Speaking of positive reinforcement, it's time to unleash the treats and praise! Whenever your kitty uses the scratcher, shower them with love, affection, and their favorite treats. Cats are smart and will associate scratching the right surface with rewards. They'll soon realize that scratching the scratcher equals a happy human and a tasty treat!

Cat having treats


Tip No. 6: Variety is the Spice of Scratching
Keep things interesting by providing a variety of scratchers. Cats can get bored easily, and they¬†enjoy scratching in different positions‚ÄĒstanding, inclined, and even flat. You can also try¬†different textures like sisal, which can add some excitement to their scratching routine. By offering scratchers with various angles and surfaces, you'll keep your feline friend engaged and entertained.

Another thing to keep in mind is that flat scratchers hold a special appeal for cats. Not only do they provide a cozy spot for them to sit on, but they also encourage scratching. Once your cat becomes accustomed to sitting on a flat scratcher, they'll gradually develop a habit of scratching it too. It's a win-win situation!

A white cat sitting on a flat Furrther scratcher


Congratulations, fellow cat whisperer! You've successfully learned the art of guiding your cat to use a scratcher. Remember to be patient, as every feline has their own unique personality and preferences. With a little love, positive reinforcement, and the right scratcher, your furry friend will be happily scratching away, leaving your furniture intact and your heart brimming with joy.


Do you have any tips you'd like to share with us? Leave a comment below! 


Happy scratching!

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