V-Day Special: Love Lessons from Our Feline Friends

V-Day Special: Love Lessons from Our Feline Friends

Valentine's Day isn't just for lovey-dovey humans; it's a purrfect time to celebrate the pawsome love we share with our adorable feline friends. Every pet owner can relate to this, as our furry friends not only provide us with precious companionship and unconditional love, but they also impart important lessons about love.

In this special blog, Furrther had the privilege of interviewing some of our customers and their feline friends, delving into the heartwarming stories between them. We explored the unique bond they have formed and the valuable love lessons learned along the way.

Through their stories, we hope to showcase the profound impact that our cats have on our lives. Do you have a good story too? Send it to hello@furrther.com! 

A “Pick of the Litter” Story: Cindy and Teddy

Furrther: How did you meet your cats?

Cindy: I had been feeding a male feral cat for several years. One day, he brought his girlfriend and kittens to our home. We decided to catch them and get them spayed and neutered. All the kittens were adopted, except for Teddy. After two weeks, my husband and I couldn't resist adopting Teddy ourselves.

Furrther: What is Teddy's love language?

Cindy: Teddy is a very vocal cat, and we have a unique understanding. He shows his love by rubbing my arms, giving gentle love bites, and even grabbing my waist with his paws. At night, he sleeps in my arms and sometimes puts his paw on my face. The love he communicates is felt in the silence.

Furrther: What love lessons have you learned from your cats?

Cindy: When I brought Charli home to foster, Teddy taught me that first impressions aren't always accurate. He showed us that Charli was more than just a shy cat. Through love and patience, he helped her trust, love, purr, and play. We ended up adopting Charli because of Teddy's influence. Their love for each other taught me the importance of accepting and embracing others for who they truly are.

A “Love At First Sight” Story: Cherie and Charlotte

 Cheries and Charlotte

Furrther: How did you meet Charlotte?

Cherie: Charlotte is a rescue cat who had been living outdoors for a year. I saw her online and had to go to two different rescues before finding her and adopting her. There were some administrative hurdles to overcome, but it was worth it in the end! 

Furrther: What is Charlotte's love language?

Cherie: Charlotte didn't meow for a full year, so her communication was mainly through purring and body language. However, as she grew comfortable with us, she started meowing and using her voice more. She jumps on my bed to wake me up for breakfast and makes an excited noise when racing downstairs ahead of me.

Furrther: What love lessons have you learned from Charlotte?

Cherie: The little things matter the most. Having Charlotte sleep next to me while I work or snuggling with me in the middle of the night brings immense joy. Being apart from her during vacations made me realize how much I missed her and how special our reunions are. Working from home now allows me to spend more time with her, and it has filled my life with love and happiness.


A “Belly Full of Love” Story: Nudacris and His Owner

Nudacris and Jennifer

Furrther: How did you meet Nudacris?

Jennifer: I had always wanted a Sphynx cat, and I stumbled upon a breeder just five minutes away from my work. I visited him frequently from the time he was a few days old until I could finally bring him home. I felt guilty for not adopting, so I paid adoption fees for another black cat and a senior cat at my local shelter. 

Furrther: What is Nudacris's love language?

Jennifer: Nudacris lives for treats! His eyes light up, and he becomes incredibly sweet and attentive whenever treats are involved. He also loves to cuddle, curling up close to my face, purring loudly until he falls asleep. He enjoys being rubbed and talked to.

Furrther: What love lessons have you learned from Nudacris?

Jennifer: Love should be unconditional. Nudacris loves me regardless of my state, whether I'm at my best or my worst. His unwavering affection has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and acceptance.

Throughout our journey of building Furrther, we've had the pleasure of meeting so many people like Cindy, Cherie, and Nudacris’s owners. They've shared so many cute stories about their cats that have made us go "awwwww." The sheer joy they express when talking about their furry companions serves as a constant reminder of why we founded Furrther in the first place: to create products that bring even more happiness to furry friends and their humans.

As we celebrate this Valentine's Day, let us take a moment to cherish the unconditional love that our furry friends bring into our lives. Their affection and companionship serve as constant reminders of the boundless joy that can be found in the simplest of gestures. 

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