Who's Furrther

Furrther is a pet lifestyle brand that was founded by two friends who met in New York City, Ning and Emily. Since the pandemic, many of their friends added pets to their families, but struggled to find high-quality products that didn’t compromise on functionality and aesthetics. That's when Ning and Emily decided to create Furrther.

Our Mission

At Furrther, we are committed to promoting harmonious pet-human relationships by creating stylish and multi-functional products that reduce clutter. It’s about giving pets and their owners exactly what they need, in order to avoid redundancy and reduce waste.

Our Community

Furrther is a community of pet lovers who share a common passion for our furry Furrther is a community of pet enthusiasts who share a common passion for our furry friends. Join us on our journey towards creating a more harmonious relationship between pets and their owners.