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Interactive Japanese-style Catnip Fish Toy

Interactive Japanese-style Catnip Fish Toy

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  • Natural Catnip Attraction

    This cat toy comes with catnip (You know the drill…!). The enticing scent of catnip will pique your cat's interest and encourage playtime.

  • Scratch and Bite Resistant

    This toy is made with durable fabrics and thickened connecting rope that can withstand the sharp claws and bites of your feline friend, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

  • Suitable for multiple cats to play together

    This cat toy is perfect for households with multiple furry friends. Its design and size make it suitable for interactive play among multiple cats, fostering social interaction and providing entertainment for all your feline companions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
My cats LOVE this toy!

What can I say? The toy is a favorite between my 3 cats and they will fight over who gets to play with it. So much so that I had to get another one just so the distribution system will work :) But this is a stylish and fun toy for cats!

Carolina Lugo Plazas
The best Interactive Toy

Both of my cats loved this catnip fish toy. It got the both of them engaged right away and even started fighting to play with it. It’s made of durable material and even though my kitties have bitten it a million times already, it still intact. A great choice of toy for our fur babies!

Absolutely the coolest toy ever

My pets love the toy, cat and dog! I will have to get toys in the future, great place to recommend fun toys for both pets because not just one will love them. But all your pets will!!

Mo & Motu

My cats absolutely love the toys! They have been playing non stop and running around the house with the toy in the mouth!

Cute Fish Catnip Toys

Love these stylish toys. They are so pretty! We received the blue and red fish and all 3 cats enjoyed playing with them. Added plus is that there’s catnip in them and that helped with how much they wanted to interact with them. We highly recommend !