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Art Frame

Art Frame

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Made with Premium Natural Woods

Crafted with utmost care and attention, our cat scratcher features an exquisite wooden frame meticulously constructed from hand-selected, premium natural woods, ensuring both durability and a touch of elegance to complement your feline companion's environment.

Built-in Slot to easily insert replaceable mat

Our wooden frame for the cat scratcher includes a built-in slot for effortless replacement of the sisal mat, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for customers and their feline companions.

Dimensions & Inclinations

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Judy AZ
Frame Your Scratching Pads

The scratching pads work so well in these frames. I love that the frames are adjustable so you can put the height at which your cat(s) prefer to scratch. This way you are able to have them work all their different muscles. The frame is sent in a box that can be later used as a cat toy box. It is very well packaged and super easy directions. Most of all it looks so cute in the home. It looks like a framed piece of art for the cats. Keep Calm and Scratch & Vote Cats are my favorite. But all of them are cute. Furrther has excellent customer service.

The cats and I both love it!

This scratcher is amazing! Cats took it immediately, and it is such a fun piece of decor. It's so great to find cat furniture that actually looks nice in my home. They included some extras that were nice, too - the little sisal ball was another immediate hit with my babies, and is so much cuter than a typical ball cat toy. Thank you guys for making a great product!

Rachel Z
Cat loves it and looks great

We have had this for about two months and are loving it. The frame was easy to assemble, the quality is great and it is sturdy, it supports my 13 pound cat with no problem. We usually have it in the flat position but transitioning it into the other positions is very fast and easy to do.

I have two cats, one uses it from time to time, I think she would use it more if her big brother wasn't always hogging it. The other cat is obsessed, he uses it as a scratcher but also is often found asleep on top of it.

On top of everything else it looks great. The frame and scratch mat are both functional and art, they add to the look of our home and make our cats happy.

susan scherer
The best fun!

We received this as a gift and it's a huge hit. Billy loves to play on it and around it. It is a very sturdy piece and supports him well. We haven't yet experimented with the different positions, currently leave it flat, but will definitely be trying others soon. Also he loves the box! The toys it came with are an extra fun bonus. Plus, it looks like artwork in our home! Love it.