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Boho-Style Natural Sisal Scratching Mat

Boho-Style Natural Sisal Scratching Mat

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Why is sisal a better material than cardboard for a cat scratcher?

Sisal is a natural fiber that is extracted from the Agave plant, making it a more durable and long-lasting material compared to cardboard. It's also a rougher material, which helps to naturally file down a cat's nails as they scratch, promoting healthy nail growth and preventing them from becoming too long or sharp. Additionally, sisal sheds less than cardboard, which means you can say goodbye to the daily vacuuming of cardboard bits. 

Why does the mat come with a smell?

Fresh out of the box, the mat may have a vinegar-like or grassy smell. Please worry not! This is the natural aroma of the sisal fiber, which can become concentrated during shipping. Simply placing the mat in open air for a few days will allow the smell to dissipate.

I want to use it on my couch, why does the mat keep falling off?

Sure! Here are some tips for you when using it on your couch: 

First, flatten the mat for a few hours before applying till it's flat on its own; If you are applying it onto a fabric couch, we recommend using additional twist pins for extra security; If you are applying it to a leather couch, we recommend using additional double sided rug tape. 


Which walls are recommended to use the mat on and which are NOT?

Our mats are perfect for being used on smooth surfaces such as marble, tile wall, smooth wood, glass and metal. We do not recommend surfaces like rough wall, textured wall, inferior wall, painted wall and paper wall. If you do want to use them on these surfaces, please make sure to pick a spot where you don't need to move the mat around frequently, and follow our removal instructions very carefully when removing.

How to remove the mat from the wall?

During removal, it’s better to use hair dryer to melt the adhesion and peel it off slowly to mitigate any damage to your wall.

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Designed to Elevate Your Home Decor with Unique Bohemian Design

Our Bohemian Scratching Mat seamlessly blends into your living space, providing an attractive and functional space for your cat to play, scratch, and rest, while enhancing your home's aesthetics.

Shed-resistant and Long Lasting

Our scratching mat is crafted to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Unlike other similar products, our premium quality natural sisal material makes the mat more durable and sturdy, preventing it from shedding with each scratch.

Multi-Functional & Flexible

Our Bohemian Scratching Mat offers a world of possibilities. It serves not only as a cat scratching mat or play mat, but also doubles as a sleeping pad, litter pad, or even a door mat, adapting to various scenarios.

It can also be paired with our 3-in-1 wooden frame or be integrated into your cat wall system.

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